A woman celebrating her 65th birthday made my day today. She spent about half an hour perusing each item in my shop. At one point she sat on the floor to get a better look at some books. I loved it. It suddenly occurred to me that I'm achieving my goal. I have a shop where people feel comfortable enough to plop down and dig through my stuff.

I'm working on some new stationery designs. Stay tuned...

thank you

Thanks to all of you that visited my shop on the day of my grand opening! I also really appreciated all the lovely emails from my pals. The day was such a blast. It was great to finally get some feedback on my stationery line. This summer has been intense with working my day job and trying to build up my inventory. Lately I've felt pretty burnt out. After having my stationery so well received by the community my passion is renewed. I'm back on the hunt for great old books to make into envelopes.

Tourist season is winding down here on the coast. Things will be slowing down at my shop. I'm focusing on cranking out work to sell on Etsy. I'm also brainstorming about shops and galleries to approach with my stationery line. Time to branch out...

My shop was featured in one of the local newspapers last week. Check it out here.