my favorite month

The sun setting on my 30th birthday!
I guess I'm supposed to be an adult now.

Here's what I've been up to this month...
I attended WeMake's new event series called sketchXchange featuring the lovely, Mary Kate McDevitt.  It was so much fun chatting and sketching.  Check out a video and photos from the night.  By the way, there's a great shot of my key tattoo. 
Riding the bus over the coastal range to Portland.  I was too tired to make the drive.  Thank goodness for the Wave.
My cousin invited me to take care of her dogs while she was out of town.  So, I spent five relaxing days at her house in Vegas.  
My sis gave me these flats for my bday!
Birdy growled and barked at me every morning.  She wanted me to hurry up and feed her breakfast.  So funny!
Sunny enjoying his new indestructible toy.  Apparently, this is the same toy given to polar bears at zoos.  He loved it!
Loving my new ring I scored in Vegas.  I'm still deciding on a name for him.  Suggestions?

Hands down my favorite part of my birthday was seeing radiohead in Seattle!  I loved standing next to my sister singing along at the top of my lungs.  Our pal Ben shot this video.  What a great night!

Thanks friends and family for making my birthday so radical!
Love you, guys!

send something good link up

Send Something Good is a snail mail project hosted by bloggers KaitlynGentri and Kristy.  Many people (including myself) signed up to participate.  We were each given the name of a fellow participant/blogger.  You peruse their blog to see what they are into.  Then you send them box of goodies.  The best part is it's all kept hush hush.  I can't wait to receive a package from my secret blogger pal!  

Here's a list of my favorite things:
Lavender | The Ocean | Walks in the Woods | Feathers

Keys | Stamps | Found Photos | Piano Rolls

Stickers | Japanese Masking Tape | Stationery (obviously) | Pens

playing the cards you're dealt, part 2

Liz Cohn is a mixed media artist based in Portland, Oregon.  Her latest project, Playing With A Full Deck, involves over 1500 playing cards passed around to various artists.  As some of you may know, I contributed a couple pieces to Liz Cohn's show in February at Cannon Beach Art Gallery.  You can read about it here.  I fell in love with this collaborative mail art project.  My mom and I signed up to participate.  Liz mailed us each four cards that she had started.  My cards are pictured above.

The entire collection of cards will be on display at 12 x 16 Gallery in Portland May 3-27.  The opening reception is Sunday, May 6th from 2-5 pm.  Hope to see you there!

Exciting News!!! This morning I received an email from Liz.  She self published a book about Playing with a Full Deck via Blurb.  My Mom and I each have a card featured in the book!  My Mom's card* is on page 39.  Mine* is on page 43.  Thanks for including us, Liz!

 *My contributions: little girl cut-out, paper doily and feather.
My contributions: I tore this card into three pieces and sewed it back together by hand.  I attached the photo slide and a few strips of mt tape.
 My contributions: photo slide, hand sewn embellishments, gold and gray mt tape.
My contributions: photo slide frame, silver chinese burning paper and hand sewn border.
My Mom's cards are so beautiful!  I love the textures and humor.
My Mom's contributions: The cut-out of the couple and the text.  Hilarious!
 My Mom's contributions: red tulle tulle, palm trees (look familiar?), mulberry paper.
 My Mom's contributions: sewing patterns, text, and Carol.
*My Mom's contributions: strips of yellow paper, the devil, and the text.

back in vegas

My apologies for the lack of blogging the past few weeks.  I've been busy traveling and celebrating my birthday.  I'm currently house/dog-sitting in Vegas.  My plan is to relax, write letters and blog a little bit.