take a walk with us

My Mom and I can't believe we live so close to the beach now.  I can hear the ocean as I write this.  It's so amazing!

elevated envelope

Last summer, I participated in a super fun snail mail exchange hosted by Ephemera Press called the Elevated Envelope.  Ya, know how much I love handmade envelopes.  This project couldn't be more up my alley!
 I made the envelopes from vellum building schematics purchased from my fave reuse store, SCRAP.
The contents: paper ephemera (sheet music, chinese burning papers, card catalog cards, etc), a glassine envelope containing a great blue heron feather, My Heart Postcard, and a notecard from my Memoir Art Card line.
 I made stickers with self adhesive label scraps, pens and punches.  Fun and easy!
I embellished the envelopes with my handmade stickers and japanese masking tape.  

 I received a bunch of adorable envelopes/letters in return.  I'll share them in a future post.

By the way, happy new year!