autumn in oregon

I'm staying at my sister, Bethany's, place this week.  A storm hit Oregon last night.  Heavy rain and high winds are expected to continue throughout the week.  During a break in the torrential down pour, Bethany and I went for a walk to check out the flooding.  

a fall morning in portland

I had a little impromptu photo shoot with my friend Jeremiah's cat last week.  His name is Hank.  He was very corporative and friendly.  I look forward to working with him in the future.  ;)

 If you'd like to book a pet photo shoot, drop me a line.  Seriously, I'd love to take photos of your furry pals.

couch surfing

I drove up to Seattle a few weeks ago with my friends; Kris, Drew and Paul.  Kris was playing a show at Columbia City Theater.  She brought down the house.  Check out her music, here.

Drew and Kris are currently on tour with their bandmates, Drew Grow and the Pastors Wives.  They are touring with Wild Flag for another week or so.  Check out dates, here.