traveling journal #4860

I'm currently contributing to a traveling journal via the 1001 Journals project.  The website was started by the artist, Someguy, after his 1000 Journals project took off.  My friend, Sky, told me about the 1000 Journals documentary last year.  She knew it would be right up my alley.

After watching the documentary, I joined the 1001 Journals website.  Months past and I forgot all about it.  Two weeks ago I received an email from Marta.  She let me know that I was next in line to receive Journal #4860!  The journal arrived last week.  Over the weekend, I read what others had written and scanned all of the completed pages.  Then I dug out my watercolors, india ink, glue stick and scraps of paper.  I spent the weekend watching crappy suspense thrillers and creating.  It felt really good to get my hands dirty.

I'll share more pages soon...

(click on images to enlarge)

PS: Soon I'll be starting my own traveling journal.  Leave a comment if you're interested in contributing. Thanks!

mother's day

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
I love you lots and lots!

desert sabbatical: glitz and glamour

Last Saturday, I returned to overcast skies and hills of evergreens.  The extreme change in climate was quite a shock.  I'm still adjusting.  I thought I'd share one last batch of photos from Vegas.  Enjoy!