my favorite month

The sun setting on my 30th birthday!
I guess I'm supposed to be an adult now.

Here's what I've been up to this month...
I attended WeMake's new event series called sketchXchange featuring the lovely, Mary Kate McDevitt.  It was so much fun chatting and sketching.  Check out a video and photos from the night.  By the way, there's a great shot of my key tattoo. 
Riding the bus over the coastal range to Portland.  I was too tired to make the drive.  Thank goodness for the Wave.
My cousin invited me to take care of her dogs while she was out of town.  So, I spent five relaxing days at her house in Vegas.  
My sis gave me these flats for my bday!
Birdy growled and barked at me every morning.  She wanted me to hurry up and feed her breakfast.  So funny!
Sunny enjoying his new indestructible toy.  Apparently, this is the same toy given to polar bears at zoos.  He loved it!
Loving my new ring I scored in Vegas.  I'm still deciding on a name for him.  Suggestions?

Hands down my favorite part of my birthday was seeing radiohead in Seattle!  I loved standing next to my sister singing along at the top of my lungs.  Our pal Ben shot this video.  What a great night!

Thanks friends and family for making my birthday so radical!
Love you, guys!


Sheridan in the City said...

Happy Birthday! I love the ring. Your dogs are so sweet :).

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

fun cute little ring :)! I love it.

Esther Stanford said...

Thanks, Sheridan! The dogs belong to my cousin. They are loads of fun.

Esther Stanford said...

Thanks, Alycia! I love it too.