playing the cards you're dealt, part 2

Liz Cohn is a mixed media artist based in Portland, Oregon.  Her latest project, Playing With A Full Deck, involves over 1500 playing cards passed around to various artists.  As some of you may know, I contributed a couple pieces to Liz Cohn's show in February at Cannon Beach Art Gallery.  You can read about it here.  I fell in love with this collaborative mail art project.  My mom and I signed up to participate.  Liz mailed us each four cards that she had started.  My cards are pictured above.

The entire collection of cards will be on display at 12 x 16 Gallery in Portland May 3-27.  The opening reception is Sunday, May 6th from 2-5 pm.  Hope to see you there!

Exciting News!!! This morning I received an email from Liz.  She self published a book about Playing with a Full Deck via Blurb.  My Mom and I each have a card featured in the book!  My Mom's card* is on page 39.  Mine* is on page 43.  Thanks for including us, Liz!

 *My contributions: little girl cut-out, paper doily and feather.
My contributions: I tore this card into three pieces and sewed it back together by hand.  I attached the photo slide and a few strips of mt tape.
 My contributions: photo slide, hand sewn embellishments, gold and gray mt tape.
My contributions: photo slide frame, silver chinese burning paper and hand sewn border.
My Mom's cards are so beautiful!  I love the textures and humor.
My Mom's contributions: The cut-out of the couple and the text.  Hilarious!
 My Mom's contributions: red tulle tulle, palm trees (look familiar?), mulberry paper.
 My Mom's contributions: sewing patterns, text, and Carol.
*My Mom's contributions: strips of yellow paper, the devil, and the text.

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dirtbike said...

awesome. the cards totally fit her personality.

congrats on the book!!