the sun came out

After driving home through the down pour yesterday the clouds cleared to reveal this little rainbow.

So, I've decided I need to share more about myself on my blog instead of just promoting my latest work.

Here are some tidbits about me:
1. I live in a little house in a small town.
2. I dropped out of art school because I couldn't take out anymore school loans.
3. I live with my Mom and her sassy cat, Stormy.
4. I used to sell handmade bags and scarves under the name Functional Textures.
5. I like lists.
6. The name Paragraph Cove is named after an inside joke between my Mom and I
7. My work is heavily influenced by the coastal community I live in.
8. My current obsession is bow ties. I recently bought a sparkly gold one.
9. I've been listening to The Zombies, Johnny Cash and Spiritualized a lot lately. Kind of a weird combo.
10. I'm looking for a studio space where I can spread out my work and sing along to June Carter Cash til the wee hours.

PS...I was featured on Heather's super cool blog, Check out her sweet vintage goods at Thanks again, Heather!


cabin + cub said...

I like lists too!
Lovely photo!

Esther said...


Eva said...

I could listen to that combo, too....although I haven't heard Spiritualized since the 90's, probably. And the small town you live in on the coast sounds / looks ideal. Can I live thee, too?