My first collage from my art class.

I'm trying to keep busy during these dreary and gray Oregon days. If I'm not too careful...I'll become a hermit. This winter I'm juggling several projects as well as taking an art class at the local community college. We are studying and making collages, frescoes and mosaics. It's been quite an adjustment for me. A couple years ago I attended California College of the Arts to study textiles and film/video. I was taught to spend weeks experimenting with materials, make a piece and then present the work in a critique. Sometimes I dreaded having to defend my work during critiques. On the other hand, I sometimes received feedback that helped me grow as an artist. My current art class is very relaxed. We come to class, work on whatever we like and then go home. There are no critiques. I never thought I would miss sitting through three hour long critiques. Who knew? I'm re-learning how to make art for the sake of making art. I am enjoying playing with materials and getting to know people in my class. My goal is to build up a solid portfolio to submit to galleries and shops.

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Kaliisa said...

Wow, this collage is just absolutely gorgeous. I am so impressed. Absolutely beautiful madam. You always have had a way with making beautiful things....