daphne cellophane interview

I came across Daphne Cellophane while "window shopping" on Etsy.  I instantly fell in love with the strange creatures in Katie Millroy-Parry's paintings.  I wanted to find out more about the women behind the curtain.  So, I contacted her about doing a feature.  She was kind enough to answer a few questions for me. 

Where do you draw your inspiration?
The rain and gloomy weather, children, vintage picture books, The Kinks, tea, tea, and more tea.

Tell me a little bit about your process.
I will usually get an idea for something I want to draw, a fox for instance, then I will hunt down an image looking for the perfect fox and attempt to draw it as I see it. It usually ends up looking nothing like the original image but if I'm lucky there will be something strange and wonderful about my awkward drawing that makes me happy. From there I will redraw until the character is just how I imagine it should be. This is when I start imagining this character in it's world. 

What inspired you to sell your work on Etsy?
My husband, daughter and I started a family shop together before I had my own shop. It was really exciting to find a place like Etsy where you could see other peoples work from all around the world. We had so much fun coming up with ideas and projects together as a family. The first item we sold was a necklace my daughter made. It went all the way to France!

Name a few of your current obsessions.
Moving to the country, tee pees, 1970s science fiction, slugs in the garden.

What is your personal soundtrack?
Always changing but right now it is: Cat Stevens, Deerhoof, Iggy Pop, Simon and Garfunkel.

When you aren't creating things, what do you enjoy doing?
Working as a special education teacher, trying to make the perfect breakfast taco, listening to my daughter play the banjo, and planning a make believe trip to Iceland. 
 She also makes these adorable pins.
Visit Katie's website and blog to learn more about her and her work.

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