street fair report

I had a great time at the Mississippi Street Fair yesterday. 
I was able to snap a few shots in between customers.  

My handmade banner in action!
 I was afraid I wouldn't have enough inventory to fill two tables, but I had more than enough.
 Little kids are really drawn to my buttons and mini notebooks.  Apparently, I have an additional target audience...age 2 to 7.
I couldn't have participated in this event without the help of my amazing assistant aka Mom.  She arranged stationery, chatted with customers and joined me in people watching.  She had no problem giving me an hour break to go watch my dear friends, Drew Grow and the Pastor's Wives, perform on the courtyard stage.


Shannon said...


looks great kid, wish i coulda been there!!!

<3 db

Esther said...

Thanks, pal!

beth said...


Fun time . . . and so many INTERESTING people! Fun fun fun