Last week I received an email from Karen Kimmel's art studio about a unique opportunity.  Karen is a conceptual artist who recently developed Kimmel Kids, a line of nature-inspired educational tools that encourage parents to spend time getting creative with their kids.  Karen's latest venture is a crafty weekend retreat for families called Crafting Community.

So, apparently Karen was in Oregon a few weeks ago.  She happened to pop into a shop and purchase one of my notebooks.  A Kimmel Kids associate contacted me with an offer to assist with the pen pal workshop at the crafting weekend, by contributing found paper for making envelopes and letter-writing.  I was also asked to donate my 4" notebooks to be included in totes given to each family.  Needless to say I jumped at the chance to be a part of this eco crafting event.

I spent the next few days cranking out notebook after notebook.  

 construct + stamp
 tie + tag

Yesterday I shipped the paper and notebooks to LA.  
I hope the event is a great success!

PS: 4" notebooks are available for purchase in my shop.