battling self-doubt

I try to stay positive, but sometimes doubt creeps in.  What am I doing?  How can I possibly compete with other stationery companies?  Should I throw in the towel?

I'd like to share how I push through self-doubt and get back on track.

Make a list of positives.  Write down a list of connections, collaborations, and opportunities that have presented themselves due to your efforts.  List everything...not matter how small it may seem.  For example, I've participated in a couple craft shows in which I've made little profit.  The silver lining is that I met some incredible artists and crafters that I now call friends.  

Surround yourself with people that love you.  I always feel energized and inspired after spending time with my friends.  Their support and encouragement give me the boost I need to move forward.

Surround yourself with things you love.  I fill my work space with letters, artwork, photos and trinkets from my friends and family.   When I'm unable to spend time with loved ones this is the next best thing.

Utilize mini goals.  I use mini goals to accomplish long term goals that I find overwhelming.  I write a detailed to-do list and work my way through it.  

Trust yourself.  I'm constantly reminding myself,"make what you love and others will love it too."

What do you do to break through self-doubt?


dirtbike said...


i think that last tip is the most important. always be true to yourself. i feel like i am always battling my creative laziness and it is difficult to pull yourself up sometimes. especially when you are alone. i'm sure you feel similar sometimes? i feel like since i left my art school friends, i have left some of my creativity too. i've been reaching out locally, trying to find craft groups and meetups so i can just talk to someone else that likes what i do, whether it be yarn, etc. it has helped some. i know we are far apart, but know that i will always support your creative endeavors, regardless. you inspire me to get my ass in gear, because you are proof that you need not be in the bay or some other metropolis to be creatively successful. i am going to try these tips and start making shit!


Esther said...

I can't thank you enough for your support. Love you, girl!

laura said...

I've had my blog linked to yours for awhile...I love coming here and I will admit that when I first found you my heart sank a little because we make similar things (I don't have a lot of my envelopes and books on etsy though) and yet, you present yours so much better (in my mind). You have a very signature look. But then I reminded myself of who I really am and that is all about women/people/indie artists and crafters all doing what we can to share the love and spread the word and in your case and mine....upcycle.

Your positive outlook and words really inspire me. I also love your sense of humor...I wish you the best holiday season ever and I can tell, just by how you already have a real look going that you are totally on your way! Congratulations!