studio corner

My studio is basically a card table in the corner of my living room.   I try to utilize every bit of space.  I'm thinking about installing a couple shelves to hold all my bits of inspiration.  My knick knacks are starting to take over my work surface.  My newest tchochke is a brown owl business card holder, pictured below.  I can't wait to use him as part of my display at craft shows!

My little owl needs a name.  Any suggestions?
I can never have enough pairs of scissors.
My mom made that hanging tag for me.  I love it.
Taking over the world one envelope at a time.


Second Wind photography said...

hihi this is really like an artist atelier...only in a smaller size! love it ;)

Esther said...

thanks! i'll post more pictures once i have the shelves up.

dirtbike said...


guess i need to send you mo' stuff. ain't no dirtbike created shizzz hangin on the inspiration shelf. yr postcards, etc are practically covering my entire fridge!