gift wrap

(image courtesy of Gifted Magazine)

When I was a teenager one of my responsibilities was wrapping all of the christmas gifts.  My Mom would box up each gift and label it with the recipients name.  I would sit on the floor in the living room and spend hours wrapping.  Needless to say my gift wrapping skills are top notch.  

Here are some lovely gift wrap ideas featured in Gifted and Sweet Paul.

Peruse Gifted Magazine for awesome gift guides and decor ideas.

Flip through Sweet Paul Magazine for delicious recipes and crafty projects.

Happy wrapping!

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dirtbike said...

i always got stuck wrapping all the presents too... and i've done the white/gold and yarn pom poms before. every year i work on new ideas for wrapping so i don't get bored cuz i spend a lot of time wrapping! these are sweet e$.