two days left

I'd share the inspiration behind the covers of my proposed line of notebooks, planners and address books.  A few months ago I was preparing to shoot my kickstarter video with Dylan Priest.  My initial idea was to prepare a mood board to convey the look and feel of my project.  A few days before the shoot, I was frantic.  The mood board wasn't coming together.  It felt forced.  I pulled out my sketchbook from last year in hopes of drawing inspiration.  As I flipped the pages a light bulb turned on.  The book was full of collages that perfectly communicated the feel I was going for.  I scanned my favorite pages and printed them as covers for the prototypes.  I look forward to producing and selling them in my etsy shop.

My kickstarter campaign ends in about two days.  I have quite a ways to go.  Take a moment to watch my video.  Read about my project here.

Thank you to those of you who have pledged, tweeted, blogged and shared my project!  I'm so very thankful for your support.

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