playing the cards you're dealt

My Mom and I have pieces in the current exhibit at Cannon Beach Art Gallery.  The show centers around Liz Cohn's collaborative mail art project, Playing with a Full Deck.  Cohn makes her contribution to each card then sends it to the next artist.  Her collection is made up of more than 1300 completed cards.  It was incredible to see them all in person!

For the show in Cannon Beach, Cohn invited artists in the area to submit altered playing cards.  My Mom and I were excited to be apart of the exhibit!  

I had a tough time getting good shots of our work at the opening.  It was pretty crowded and the cards were displayed in plastic sleeves.  Here are a few shots I took at home.  The two pieces (pictured above) are mine.  

I love how my Mom's collages turned out.  She does great work!

Playing with a Full Deck will be at Cannon Beach Art Gallery until February 29th.  
You can also check out the cards in Liz Cohn's virtual gallery.

Cannon Beach Art Gallery
1064 S Hemlock
Cannon Beach, OR
Thurs. - Mon.
10 - 4


dirtbike said...

wow, these came out great!

wish i was in oregon to see the show!!

Esther Stanford said...

Thanks, db. It's a rad show.