murder of crows

In June, my Mom and I participated in an art show/silent auction hosted by The Frugal Crow.  Each year the vintage shop puts out a call to artists and crafters to transform a metal crow figure.  The pieces are displayed for a few weeks and then auctioned off for a local non-profit.  Customers are also encouraged to vote for their favorite crow.  It's a fun project!
My Mom's crow
"One if by Land, Two if by Tree"
Materials: gesso, tissue paper, dictionary pages, gel medium, acrylic paint, plastic doves, thread, and handmade paper
She really out did herself.  Impeccable work as always! 
My crow
"Seamstress for the Fowls"
Materials: gesso, sewing patterns, gel medium, cloth measuring tape, thread, embroidery floss, buttons, tiny scissors, and nail polish

  I was so pleased with how my crow came together.  The piece was inspired by Elton John's song, Tiny Dancer.  
Check out:
The Frugal Crow
108 Highway 101
Rockaway Beach, OR

Mon - Sun


dirtbike said...

LOL I love that you were inspired by 'Tiny Dancer'!

I knew a girl that thought the chorus to that song was really, "Hold me closer Tony Danza..." for most of her adult life. Needless to say, we are no longer friends.

dawn said...

I missed these somehow -- I love both of your crows!