alberta street fair report

The Alberta Street Fair was an interesting event.  The festivities extending from 9th to 30th Avenue.  Unfortunately, there weren't enough vendors to fill all those blocks.  My booth was on the corner of 25th Ave.  There were only 5 or 6 booths on the entire block.  I felt like I was in no man's land.  It was tough to grab people's attention.  Although it was kind of a bust...I greatly enjoyed people watching and chatting with my booth partners, Jenny and Matt.  Plus, when I was setting up this cute gray cat showed up.  He thought my table was a cool fort.  He was a sweet little guy.  He visited us throughout the day.  I decided he was out booth mascot and named him Gray Cat.

Hi, friend!
I decided to use my suitcase to display buttons and notebooks. 
I'd like to incorporate more suitcases in my set up.
I forgot to take pictures of Jenny's beautiful jewelry display.  Oops.
 Gray Cat sitting on Jenny's lap
He was bummed when it was time to tear down.  He was sleeping under my table.


Shannon said...


i love yr set up girl, wish i coulda been there! don't worry i'll make it to portland some day.


Esther said...

thanks! i kind of made it up as i went along.