takin' it easy

I had grand plans for this week.  I was going to make new stationery, update my etsy shop, write a couple blog posts and trim my bangs.  Unfortunately, early Monday morning I came down with the flu.  So, I've been laying in bed with my cat all week watching 21 Jump Street, reading books by Michael Connelly and cruising the interweb.

Here are some internet gems I discovered:
180 square foot cabin in British Columbia 
Handmade gold oxford flats
Liquid pencil by Sharpie
Huge sale on screen printed goods by slide sideways

Well, I'm off to Portland on Saturday for the Alberta Street Fair.  I wish I was in better health for my last event of the summer.  Oh well.  What can you do?  If you're in the area stop by and say hello!  Don't worry...I'm no longer contagious. :)

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