pacific city

My Mom and I drove down to Pacific City to have dinner with her brother and sister. We had a decadent meal at the Riverhouse, overlooking the Nestucca River. I devoured a New York steak wrapped in bacon with sauteed baby red potatoes and chocolate mousse for dessert. Oh la la! My Mom greatly enjoyed her chinook salmon. She said it was cooked to perfection....which means it was medium rare. I highly recommend this restaurant if you are ever in Pacific City.

After dinner we drove over to the beach to see the sunset.
A lovely end to the evening.

* Edit *
I forgot to include the address. Oops.

The Riverhouse
34450 Brooten Road
Pacific City, OR 97135
Open every day 11 to 9


Shannon said...

whoa! nice view.

Esther said...


just to clarify...this isn't the view from the restaurant. it's just a short drive to the beach where i took this picture.