stationery in action

Last week I mentioned a birthday gift I made for a friend that inspired my new packets.   Her name is Shannon, but I call her dirtbike.  We met in art school in Oakland and immediately hit it off.  We bonded over our mutual love of weaving and dyeing. 
I was a couple weeks late in sending her a birthday present.  So, I made her lots of little gifts to make up for the tardiness.  She was kind enough to share pictures she shot as she opened each lil packet. 

 fresh rose petals
 I made the tiny notebook into an altered book.
I made this mini 2" notebook into a birthday card.


Thanks for sharing your pictures with me, dirtbike!  
Love you, girl.


Shannon said...


you are living the crafty dream
and really, in all seriousness, that was the best gd birthday present i have ever received. it was too much fun!

Esther said...

awww thanks, db! you inspire me.