send something good: show and tell

As some of you know, last month I took part in a secret mail exchange called Send Something Good.  You can read about the project in this previous post.  I wrapped my package in hand painted paper and sent it off to Texas.  About a week later, a parcel arrived from St. Louis.

Now it's time for show and tell!

I was given Alisha as my secret blogger pal.  I enjoyed perusing her blog to get a sense of her style and personality.  I felt like a detective.  Her outfit posts served as color inspiration for a scarf and friendship bracelets.
The package also contained little notebooksMemoir Art cards, buttons, a sand dollar and tiny feather found in my yard.
It's was great getting to know you, Alisha!

I was so excited when a parcel arrived from Katie of Sheridan in the City.  It was like Christmas morning!  As soon as I opened the box, the heavenly scent of lavender came wafting out.
Each item was packaged with an adorable little tag.
Contents: Original painting, Katie's favorite book, flower magnets, gold earrings, buttons from her collection, recipes, bouquet of lavender, pretty papers, notebook, pom-pom garland and a lovely handwritten note
You can find Katie's paintings and handmade goods in her Etsy shop.
 Thanks so much, Katie!  You really hit the nail on the head.  I love it all!

A big thank you to Gentri, Kaitlyn and Kristy for hosting this project!  It was a lot of fun.

Scroll down check out what other participants sent and received.


dirtbike said...

wow thats pretty cool. i love those magnets you received and also that book looks awesome. on a side note, i don't know how in the hell you get your friendship bracelets looking so damn perfect! beyond impressive. the hand-painted wrapping paper is beauteous and um is that a hitler button i spy in that second photo?? :O

Esther Stanford said...

Thanks, dirtbike! I miss ya like crazy!

It took lots of practice to get my friendship bracelets to that level of perfection. Check out these friendship bracelet diy videos:

And no that isn't hitler on that button. Ha Ha! It's a picture of a man and woman kissing.